Distance EDU on Demand: Dr. Joseph Hunter and Judy Reed on Veteran Suicide Prevention Training

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Dr. Joseph Hunter, suicide prevention coordinator, Albany Stratton VA Medical CenterDr. Joseph Hunter, suicide prevention coordinator for the Albany Stratton Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center, joins the podcast to discuss suicide prevention training programs, including the VA’s Operation SAVE, and how they are being used to lower veteran suicide rates. Judy Reed, director of veteran services and outreach at Excelsior College, talks about the importance of training academic advisors to identify risk factors and expedite help.

Listen to “Veteran Suicide Prevention Training”:

Part 1 – Interview with Dr. Hunter

1:25 How concerned is the VA with suicide rates among America’s veterans?

2:30 Operation SAVE, Veterans Crisis Line and other prevention programs.

3:58 Impact of campus-based VA prevention programs.

5:13 Biggest suicide risk factors and how to expedite help.

7:28 Where should veterans go for resources and help?

Judy Reed, director of veteran services and outreach, Excelsior College. Part 2 – Interview with Judy Reed

9:12 Why did the Center for Military Education bring Dr. Hunter to campus to train advisors?

10:19 “School was more stressful than combat.”

11:48 Refresher courses.

12:25 Excelsior’s Veteran Center and resources pertaining to PTSD and other mental health issues.

Show Notes

Veterans Affairs
Albany Stratton VA Medical Center
Operation SAVE
Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255

Lt. Col. Bryant A. Murray Veterans Center – Health and Wellness resources