Distance EDU on Demand: Jeremy Glasstetter on Transition Challenges for Returning Veterans

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Jeremy Glasstetter, director of the Lt. Col. Bryant A. Murray Veteran Center at Excelsior College, joins Excelsior Life to discuss contemporary challenges experienced by veterans seeking out a higher education. A U.S. Army veteran of both Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Glasstetter previously served as the third National President of the Student Veterans of America.

Excelsior Life and Glasstetter chat on a range of issues, including the different experiences of modern veterans compared to those of the past, his vision for Excelsior’s veteran center and new services every institution of higher education needs to explore. Glasstetter also talks about his personal experiences transitioning out of military service.

1:15 What are the unique transitional challenges facing today’s returning veterans?
3:49 Is there a generational difference in veterans challenges?
6:40 Are institutions of higher education doing enough to help veterans?
7:59 What new services should every school rollout?
9:45 Glasstetter’s vision for the Excelsior’s Lt. Col. Bryant A. Murray Veteran Center
12:19 “Driven to service…forever a veteran.”
14:00 Glasstetter’s personal experience transitioning out of the U.S. Army.
17:00 The one action every veteran must take upon leaving military service.

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