Distance EDU on Demand: Maribeth Gunner on the Art of Informational Interviewing

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Maribeth Gunner, Director, Career Services at Excelsior College.Maribeth Gunner, director of career services at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss Informational Interviewing, a powerful, but underused job search tactic. Gunner, an expert on career development, career counseling and military career transition, also discusses the most common questions she is confronted with by adult students and teases new Career Center initiatives under development.


Listen to “The Art of Informational Interviewing”:
1:36 How does an online career center work?

2:52 What is informational interviewing?
3:55 Feedback from students.
6:59 The benefits.
7:58 Not a job interview.
10:01 Research and other prep.
10:55 Where to begin.
12:16 Common questions.
13:48 Transition issues for the military.
15:16 New initiatives.


Resources discussed during the show:

Excelsior College Career Center

The Benefits of Informational Interviewing by Maribeth Gunner

Webinar: How to Demonstrate Your Skills to Civilian Employers

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