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Spotlight on Exams: Terri A. Higdon

Taking a closer look at the subject matter experts who help create our exams, we are featuring Dr. Terri A. Higdon, RN,... [read more]

Understanding Pyschometrics

As defined by the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), psychometrics refers to the field in psychology and education that is... [read more]

For Drivers, Education is a Family Affair

By Mike Lesczinski and Dana Yanulavich You could say that the Drivers are driven to succeed. But all puns aside, this family... [read more]

Live Chat on Credit By Exam – August 22

Do you have some college credit but never had a chance to finish? There are ways to earn a college degree through... [read more]

UExcel College Credit-by-Exam Expands

Today, the UExcel college credit-by-exam program expands to 52 undergraduate options. To learn more visit [read more]

Alternative Pathways to a College Degree

For adult learners, time and cost can be obstacles towards earning a degree. However, there are alternative pathways that can save time... [read more]

White House Scorecard Ignores Higher Ed Model with Best Chance to Boost Degree Completion

The White House’s College Scorecard has generated substantial feedback from both higher education and student communities. Unveiled the day after President Obama’s... [read more]

Bridging the Educational Gap Through Credit by Examination

According to the Lumina Foundation, there are 36.2 million Americans ages 25 to 64 years with some college, but no degree. With... [read more]

Want Credit for MOOCs? Excelsior Has an Exam for That

Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have taken the higher education industry by storm. However, many are left wondering what legacy MOOCs will... [read more]

Independent Study:UExcel Exams, a Respected Method of Earning College Credit by Exam, Expands to 4,000 Sites in U.S. and Abroad

UExcel, a tuition-saving, independent study option for college students and college-bound high schoolers seeking college-level credit, are now more accessible at 4,000... [read more]

Excelsior College® Examinations Now Offered at More Than 1,000 Locations

Access to college credit by examination is increasing dramatically with the addition of approximately 800 new testing sites for Excelsior College® Examinations... [read more]