Distance EDU on Demand: Victoria Van Voorhis on Reimagining Learning through Serious Games

Victoria Van VoorhisVictoria Van Voorhis, CEO, Second Avenue Learning, joins the podcast to discuss the disruptive nature of educational games. Topics include how to interject “serious games” back into the educational process, the use of games to enhance traditional learning, and potential obstacles to mainstream expansion. The talk concludes with a discussion of the innovative work of Second Avenue Learning and her vision for the future.




Listen to “Reimagining Learning through Serious Games”:


0:57 Games, Disruptive Innovation, Efficacy, and Adoption.

3:00 Using games to enhance the traditional learning experience.

3:55 Games don’t replace a teacher, but extend their ability to engage.

5:10 Breaking down technical barriers to mainstream acceptance of serious games.

6:10 Teacher professional development, budgetary concerns.

8:00 Second Avenue Learning: Reimagining Learning.

10:15 Martha Madison, Funded by National Science Foundation.

13:00 Rochester, New York as a catalyst for growth.

14:40 Looking ahead.