Distance EDU on Demand: Angela Stimpson on Paying it Forward

Donating a Kidney, Saving a Life with Angela StimpsonAngela Stimpson, marketing design manager for Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss donating a kidney to a complete stranger. Stimpson shares her feelings on the donation process, sharing the news with family and friends, and the positive impact the decision has had on her life.

Listen to “Paying it Forward”:

1:10 Paying it forward and start of a journey.
2:40 Using social media to learn about the donation process.
4:20 “What is my purpose?”
6:00 Sharing the news with family and friends.
7:20 Overcoming identity problems.
9:30 The Meeting.
11:10 Advice for others looking to donate?
12:30 Finding donation information.

Resources: “Pay it Forward” blog archive.