Distance EDU on Demand: Dr. Mika Hoffman on the Nature of Competency-Based Higher Education

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Dr. Mika Hoffman, executive director, Center for Educational Measurement at Excelsior College. Dr. Mika Hoffman, executive director of the Center for Educational Measurement at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss prior learning assessment, competency-based education, and how colleges and universities in the post-traditional era can differentiate themselves. Dr. Hoffman also discusses credit-by-examination as a more affordable degree pathway and the role of psychometricians in the assessment process.

Listen to “The Nature of Competency-Based Higher Education”:

1:19 What is a psychometrican?
2:34 Proving the validity of assessments.
3:55 Thoughts on the nature of the post-traditional era of higher education.
5:42 How do schools differentiate themselves in the market?
9:05 Opening the door to competency-based education.
14:20 The affordability question.
15:53 Responding to critics.
19:35 The mainstreaming of PLA and competency-based education.
22:40 Encouraging more institutions to accept prior learning.
Resources discussed during podcast:
Credentialing is How Institutions Will Differentiate in the Future (Evolllution)
UExcel (Excelsior College’s credit by examination program)