Introducing the Master of Science in Management (MSM) Degree

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Excelsior College is adding something new this fall to the current Master’s Degree options. Students will be able to earn a Master of Science in Management (MSM) degree starting September 18.  Andrew Wheeler, assistant dean for the School of Business & Technology and Sue Dewan, executive director for the Center of Military Education explain the impact of this new degree offered by the college.

Excelsior Life: Why would someone consider a master’s degree? What is an MSM?

Wheeler: More and more jobs require a master’s degree and there have been many articles that discuss the master’s degree is the new bachelor’s. Competing in today’s job market can be difficult. Many jobs simply require a master’s and won’t even consider a resume lacking this credential.

A Master of Science in Management (MSM) is a great option for students pursuing a graduate degree right after earning an undergraduate degree.  For students who want to enhance their knowledge, a MSM can help in the management field.

It also might be an option for someone who started to get a master’s degree but never finished.  Excelsior College accepts up to 15 graduate level transfer credits.

Excelsior Life: What is difference between MSM
and MBA?  
Wheeler: MSM is doesn’t require job experience. With an MBA, admission usually requires extensive job experience before applying to the program. An MBA can be viewed as a broader degree.                                                        

Excelsior Life: What is the impact of an MSM or MBA to a career?                                                                             

Wheeler: An MSM can assist with middle- management jobs. It is considered a “first” master’s degree and usually takes one year to complete. An MBA can help in senior managerial roles, has more potential applications, and can take two years to complete. The MBA is a more familiar brand.

Excelsior Life: Is an MSM degree beneficial for military or veterans?   

Dewan: The MS Management is a perfect match for military servicemembers and veterans interested in completing a graduate level degree in management.   This 30 credit master’s program includes graduate level courses in areas that directly apply to military careers and enhances leadership skills.

Examples include Leadership. Human Resource Management, Ethics, Organizational Behavior, and Project Management.   Special reduced tuition rates are offered at $250 per credit for military servicemembers and are covered by Military Tuition Assistance.

Excelsior’s MS Management and MBA degree programs are offered at the US Army Sergeants Major Academy under the College of the American Soldier Advanced Degree Program agreement.  Graduates of the US Army Sergeants Major Course earn 9 graduate credits toward the MS Management and 15 credits (9 graduate and 6 undergraduate upper level core waivers) toward the MBA.

MSM and MBA courses are offered online in 8 week formats with terms that begin every other month.   Additionally, MSM and MBA courses are taught on-site through classroom instruction at the US Army Sergeants Academy.

Excelsior Life: What is the value of a graduate degree vs. a bachelor’s degree?

Wheeler: Although a bachelor’s degree is virtually a minimum requirement for promotion within most organizations, a graduate degree is quickly becoming a minimum requirement as well.  Most employers view a bachelor’s degree as representative of an individual’s basic knowledge, foundation, discipline, determination, and perseverance.

A graduate degree is typically more specialized in that you’re received knowledge at a much higher level and experience more complex and valuable ways to apply what you learned.  Most job advertisements note that a bachelor’s degree is required but a Master’s degree is preferred. In many cases, the knowledge received through the pursuit of a graduate degree enables you to provide an immediate contribution to your employer. How do you want to present yourself to a potential employer?

Excelsior Life:  Can you share some trends and market demands with our readers?

Wheeler: For individuals in the workplace pursuing management opportunities, a Master’s degree can be important. Generally earning a Master’s degree can increase your earning potential. It can also be helpful to entrepreneurs providing tools to manage a business. Students pursuing a MSM at Excelsior College will gain knowledge and a skill set in communications, ethics, conflict management, leadership and global business. For more information, visit our web page.