Live Chat: Learn about a Customizable Master’s Degree

By Rebecca Eppleman | Troy Record

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Dr. Tracy Caldwell, an advisor and program director for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at Excelsior College discussed how a customizable master’s degree can fit personal schedules while opening doors to your passions and interests. Sample of questions answered include:

  • I have a BA and have considered going for a master’s degree to further my career, but I’m not sure if the cost outweighs benefit (as far as how much more money I could make, etc.). Is there any indication how much more a person with an MA can make?
  • I’ve only ever taken classes in-person. Aside from not having an instructor in front of you, what are the major differences between that and online?
  • Thank you so much for taking our questions! It’s so interesting to hear how much we can create our own master’s degree! I wonder though, if it’s something like writing a play or book, how do you decide if it passes?