Latest Issue of Nursing Journal Explores Workplace Violence, Abusive Behaviors, and Toxic Hierarchies

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Nursing in the 21st Century - Issue 3 - CoverHudson Whitman/ Excelsior College Press has announced the release of the third issue of its online, peer-reviewed journal, Nursing in the 21st Century (N21). Issue three explores various aspects of the nursing industry, including how abusive behaviors impact patient care, workplace violence, the impact of poor communication, and toxic hierarchies.

Launched earlier this year, N21 aims to provide a home for nurses to examine, question, and discuss challenges facing their profession. Available as a free iOS app, N21 does not require a subscription and includes contributions from experts with a range of professional backgrounds. It also utilizes a variety of multimedia enhancements to increase reader engagement with the source material.

Past issues of N21 are currently archived on the Hudson Whitman website.