Distance EDU on Demand: Jo Ann Webb, RN, MHA on Impact of Affordable Care Act on Nursing

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Excel EIF-047Jo Ann Webb, RN, MHA, senior director of federal relations and policy for the American Organization of NurseExecutives (AONE), joins the Excelsior Life: Distance EDU on Demand podcast to discuss the Affordable Care Act and its impact on nurse educators, managers, and administrators.



0:45 How does the Affordable Care Act allow nurses to showcase their “true” value?

2:20 The ACA and the nursing shortage.

2:50 Does the ACA provide the resources to meet an increase in nursing demand?

3:54 Are nurses prepared for shifting paradigm?

5:00 A much stronger role for nursing schools?

5:50 More money in nursing education.

7:45 What question should nurses be asking when it comes to health care reform?

8:55 A growing role for nurses in primary care.

11:00 Does ACA impact the delivery of health care to military and veteran populations?

12:35 Student career planning.

13:40 How will the Affordable Care Act be viewed in 20 years?


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