Distance EDU on Demand: Dorcey Applyrs on Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery

DorceyDorcey Applyrs, faculty program director for the Excelsior College School of Health Sciences, joins the podcast to discuss her work in the HIV/AIDs field, institutionalized problems within the health care system, cultural competence, and other health care issues in culturally diverse populations.

Listen to “Cultural Competence in Health Care Delivery”:

0:58 Drawn to the field of public health.

5:11 Researching the socioeconomic root causes of HIV/AIDS.

7:20 Cultural diversity and delivering culturally competent health care.

9:30 The relationship between cultural practices and health.

11:20 Cultural competency: Rating the US health care system.

13:43 Demographic differences.

16:55 How can patients take more control over their health care?

19:00 What does reform look like?