Distance EDU on Demand: Dr. Michael Verro on Forensics in Pop Culture

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Dr. Michael VerroDr. Michael Verro, criminal justice program director at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss the depiction of forensics in pop culture, including whether the “CSI effect” is a real phenomenon. The discussion touches on general practice areas within the field and career opportunities for graduates of Excelsior’s new forensics concentration.

Verro, a former police officer, major crimes investigator, DEA Drug Task Force narcotics investigator, and author, specializes in criminal justice and psychology.

Listen to “Forensics in Pop Culture“:

0:58 Depiction in pop culture.

2:13 Is the CSI (or X-files) effect real?

3:17 Quincy M.E.

4:20 General practice areas.

5:12 What led Excelsior to develop a forensics concentration?

7:25 Reflecting on forensics cases.

8:30 Career opportunities for graduates.

10:00 Advice for students or those in the criminal justice field interested in forensics studies.

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