Exploring the Latest Issue of Excelsior ReView

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Excelsior Review, a semi-annual online publication focused on the creative and artistic talents of Excelsior College alumni, students, instructors and staff, announced the release of its June 2014 issue this past week. This month’s publication features an array of original art, music, photography, poetry and prose.

Learn what a college education can do, share the emotion of retirement and be swept along the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Witness a softly flowing Moroccan tide pool and the vista of Marblehead Harbor. Experience the beauty of stained glass leaves and the simple geometric exquisiteness of projection planes. All this and more for you to enjoy and savor are only a click away.

Excelsior Review is produced solely by Excelsior College volunteers. Submissions for the January 2015 issue are being accepted now. Guidelines, information, and procedures are available at review.excelsior.edu.