Distance EDU on Demand: Michele Dutcher on Exploring Google GLASS

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Michele Dutcher (Stephen Tytko/Excelsior College)

Google GLASS explorer Michele Dutcher (Stephen Tytko/Excelsior College)

Michele Dutcher, interactive marketing and communications manager at Excelsior College and a Google GLASS explorer, joins the podcast to discuss Google’s latest initiative. Dutcher discusses the real-life application of Google GLASS technology and the varied reactions she has received while wearing the device, including a frightening encounter with a paranoid cab driver with a criminal record. The talk ends with a discussion of the factors that lead people to Orwellian fear or “Matrixesque” blind acceptance of new technology.

Listen to “Exploring Google Glass”:

0:52 TedX Albany round-up.
3:16 Google GLASS.
4:26 “Ok, GLASS: save a life.”
5:20 GLASS in the operating room.
6:43 Gaming, training and how GLASS can be used in the Arts.
8:00 Becoming part of the Explorer Program.
9:00 Reactions to GLASS – A frightening encounter with a cab driver with a criminal record.
11:00 Orwellian fear vs Matrix blind acceptance. Which camp do you fall?
13:20 New technology and the generational divide.
14:45 Take the blue pill and educate yourself.


Watch “Google GLASS – Advancement or Dehumanization?

Dutcher tries out Google GLASS for the first time. Dutcher tries out Google GLASS for the first time.

A photo of Mike Lesczinski testing out Google GLASS.

Podcast host Mike Lesczinski tests out Google GLASS after the interview.