Excelsior College Unveils MBA with Spanish Language Support

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By Michael Lesczinski

Excelsior College today announced the launch of an MBA with Spanish Language Support, a program designed to assist Spanish-speaking MBA students interact more effectively with the various materials and assignments presented in the graduate-level curriculum.
When English is a second language for students, comprehension of course content can be hampered by the lack of cultural context. To help remove such barriers, Excelsior has translated specific online course content such as lectures, assignments and discussion activities, into Spanish. The students must complete the program requirements in English.
“The MBA with Spanish Language Support is an exciting new endeavor for Excelsior,” said Dr. Jane LeClair, dean, Excelsior College’s School of Business and Technology. “It’s one built in anticipation of rising demand among Hispanic students in the U.S. and those attending institutions outside the country with which we have partnered.”

The first course with Spanish Language Support, BUS 500 – Accounting for Managers, will roll out in May 2013. The course’s translated content will be available to all students taking the course.

This initiative is expected to better clarify certain course materials for students whose first language is Spanish. It will also benefit those for whom Spanish is a second language and are trying to become more skilled working with the Spanish-speaking clients. A bilingual professor will be able to assist students in these courses upon request.


Excelsior expects the new MBA support to also prove popular among its international students based in Ecuador, Chile, and other Spanish speaking countries.

Excelsior also has developed academic partnerships with a number of Hispanic organizations, including the National Latino Peace Officers Association and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, to promote degree attainment among their respective memberships. Recently, Excelsior College’s School of Business and Technology joined HACU – the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.

For more information on Excelsior’s upcoming MBA with Spanish Language Support please contact gradadmission@excelsior.edu or call toll-free 888-647-2388 ext. 22 or visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).