Distance EDU on Demand: Dr. Michael Verro on Criminal Justice Career Pathways

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cropped Michael-Verro-IMG_5937Dr. Michael Verro, Criminal Justice program director at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss careers in criminal justice, myths about law enforcement, the growing need for cyberprofessionals and how to convert criminal justice training into college credit. Dr. Verro, a former police officer, major crimes investigator, DEA Drug Task Force narcotics investigator, and author, specializes in criminal justice and psychology. He helps clear up some myths about law enforcement and whether or not a “police personality” actually exists.

1:46 From “cop” to academic.

3:26 Criminal justice career options: more than law enforcement.

5:57 Clearing up misconceptions – is the glass ceiling cracked?

8:00 The experience myth.

9:40 Homeland Security, cybersecurity, and other growing industries.

11:45 The Excelsior Criminal Justice program.

14:12 Converting criminal justice training to college credit though the CJTA program.

16:17 Is there a “police personality”?