Distance EDU on Demand: Tina Grant on Competency, Adaptive Learning and Higher Ed Innovation

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Tina Grant, Executive Director, Center for Assessment of Post-Traditional Instruction, Training and LearningTina Grant, executive director of the Center for the Assessment of Post-Traditional Learning at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss how competency-based education and new technology such as adaptive learning can help turn many of today’s higher education challenges into opportunities. Grant also talks about her selection to the Next Generation Leadership Challenges (NGLC) Breakthrough Models Incubator Leadership Academy.

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Listen to “Competency, Adaptive Learning and Higher Ed Innovation”:

1:15 Next Generation Leadership Challenges (NGLC) Breakthrough Models Incubator/Leadership Academy.

2:16 Turning higher education’s greatest challenges into opportunities.

3:23 Why brick-and-mortars and post-traditional schools must work together.

5:05 Adaptive learning and role of technology.

6:18  Growth of competency-based education – will it continue?

7:53 Securing employer buy-in on competency.

8:38 Tacking the student retention problem.

9:38 “Building Block Model” of competency-based education.

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