Distance EDU on Demand: Commencement Stories, the Class of 2014

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Photo of Excelsior College graduate at Commencement. In this week’s special Commencement edition of the podcast, host Mike Lesczinski discusses this year’s graduating class and Excelsior’s upcoming Commencement ceremony on July 11.

The episode ncludes a complete interview with 2014 nursing graduate Maria Malone, an administrative assistant who, wanting more out of life, headed back to school to pursue a nursing career and is now a clinical nursing supervisor. Malone talks about her decision to change careers, her educational journey, and her plans for the future.

In addition, Hannah Elizabeth Arthur, the Charles W. Laffin Jr. Memorial Award winner, discusses applying what she learned in the virtual classroom to her everyday business and plans to co-found a learning center with her mother, a lifelong teacher.

The show closes with Marvin Curling Memorial Award winner and US Navy veteran Jamie Rottmann discussing why he decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology.

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Listen to “Commencement Stories”:

1:31 Class of 2014 At-a-Glance

2:34 Commencement Ceremony, Speaker, Awards

4:21 Interview with Maria Malone

11:52 Hannah Elizabeth Arthur, Charles W. Laffin Jr. Memorial Award winner

16:22 Jamie Rottmann, Marvin Curling Award winner


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