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Excelsior LIVE: The ethics of using games for social good

Karen Schrier is an assistant professor of Media Arts at Marist College and director of the Games and Emerging Media program. She joins... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE: Tina Goodyear on the need for alternative education quality assurance

Tina Goodyear, COO of the Presidents’ Forum, joins the podcast to discuss recent efforts exploring the need for a quality assurance entity... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE: Nick Fortugno on storytelling for learning

Nick Fortugno is recognized around the world as a leading game designer, narrative and story expert as well as an entrepreneur of... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE: Clark Aldrich on teaching and learning via short simulations

Clark Aldrich, one of the top educational simulation designers in the world and the founder and Managing Partner of Clark Aldrich Designs,... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE: Tina Goodyear on “The Case for CACE”

Tina Goodyear, COO of the Presidents’ Forum, joins Excelsior Live to discuss the new Consortium for the Assessment of College Equivalency, which... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE: Pascal Nataf and Avery Rueb on teaching academics to think like game designers

Pascal Nataf, CEO of Affordance Studio, a serious game company based in Montreal and a Quebec Entrepreneur of the Year finalist joins... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE: Applyrs on revitalizing communities

Dorcey Applyrs, DrPH, MPH, faculty program director for Excelsior College, discusses the reciprocal relationship between public health and economic development. Dr. Applyrs... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE (audio): Braddock on Excelsior College Student Success Center

In this audio-only version of this Excelsior LIVE broadcast, Glenn Braddock, PhD, executive director of the new Excelsior College Student Success Center,... [read more]

Excelsior LIVE (audio): Andrew Hurd, PhD, on cybersecurity workforce development

In the audio-only version of this Excelsior LIVE broadcast, Dr. Andrew Hurd, faculty program director for cybersecurity, discusses why so many employers... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Virtualization Security

Once an organization begins employing virtualization, they become less secure unless they utilize fault tolerance to keep things running in the event... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Insider versus Outsider Threats

Threats come from inside through employees or vendors, and from the outside through hackers or infected websites. Both types of threats should... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Physical Security

Physical security has to do with all aspects of making sure that information systems are protected from anything in their physical environment.... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Honeypots

A honeypot is a computer on a network that is deliberately vulnerable, in order to lure attackers away from other more critical... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Separation of Duties

Separation of duties, together with the principle of least privilege, are two important areas to address in order to reduce or eliminate... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: The Principle of Least Privilege

An individual should only be given the least amount of privilege necessary to do their job. Granting more access than is necessary... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Access Control

Access control is applied to packets on a network, connections between computers, and users and their ability to access files and folders... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: The Cloud

What is the cloud? Where is it located? How is our data protected while in the cloud? What happens when there is... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a process in which we try to infiltrate computers or devices on a network from the outside or the... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Baselining

Baselining is a technique we use to enhance our security and alert us that something is not right and may need further... [read more]

Today in Cybersecurity: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery is part of business continuity, and is concerned with getting essential services for the organization up and running as fast... [read more]