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Excelsior Introduces the Professional and Technical Writing Concentration

To help meet its goals for student career readiness, Excelsior College has approved a concentration in Professional and Technical Writing (PTW), within... [read more]

Graduates Inducted into Liberal Arts Honor Society

Excelsior’s Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda, a national honor society recognizing adult students who achieved and maintained high scholastic standards while handling... [read more]

Historic Moment: Jim Holton Receives Distinguished Faculty Award

At the Faculty Luncheon on July 13, James “Jim” Holton of the School of Liberal Arts received a Distinguished Faculty Award. During... [read more]

Excelsior Class of 2017: Desiree Guzman, Air Force Veteran Soaring Toward Success

What does the Urdu language, the Air Force, and a liberal arts degree all have in common? Answer: the perfectly compiled bachelor’s... [read more]

Excelsior OWL (Online Writing Lab) Spreads Its Wings with New Updates

By Dr. Francesco Crocco, Director of the Online Writing Lab The Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) is on the move! From... [read more]

Excelsior Theses Series: Filipinos in America in the 21st Century

What is the meaning of identity? Does it spring to life the moment of your birth or is it shaped by experience?... [read more]

Excelsior Theses Series: Frank Lockhart and the Land Speed Record

The Latin translation of Excelsior is “higher” or “ever upward.”  John Bayer of Virginia Beach is in many ways, an embodiment of... [read more]

Excelsior College announces new professional and technical writing concentration for students

Excelsior College’s School of Liberal Arts (SLA) will be launching a new Professional and Technical Writing concentration on April 6. According to... [read more]

Dr. George Timmons named dean of Excelsior’s School of Liberal Arts

Excelsior College announces the appointment of Dr. George Timmons, as dean of the School of Liberal Arts. Timmons will continue to serve... [read more]

The value of a liberal arts degree

The value of a liberal arts degree is a hot topic today. Dr. Patrick Jones, Excelsior College’s vice provost, recently sat down... [read more]

For Drivers, Education is a Family Affair

By Mike Lesczinski and Dana Yanulavich You could say that the Drivers are driven to succeed. But all puns aside, this family... [read more]

Why We Overeat: Perspectives on Nutrition

According to the Journal of American Medicine, more than one-third (78.6  million) of US adults are obese. Obesity is an epidemic in... [read more]

Turning the Joy of Writing into a College Degree

Do you have a passion for telling a story? Have you ever thought, “I should just write a book”? Now you can... [read more]

Dungeons and Discourse Event

Dr. Gerol Petruzella, coordinator of academic technology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, will visit Excelsior College today to present “Dungeons and Discourse:... [read more]

Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL) Boosts Skills and Grades, Study Finds

Kresge-funded innovation at Excelsior College is now open to the public. College students’ writing skills significantly improved through use of Excelsior College’s... [read more]

Zombies Give Rise to Critical Thinking

By Dana Yanulavich This article first appeared in the spring 2013 issue of Live & Learn, Excelsior College’s magazine. If you think... [read more]

Excelsior Grad Co-Authors Book on Technology in the Classroom and Student-Centered Teaching

In 2011, Excelsior College graduate John W. Tanner earned a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with concentrations in literature and computer... [read more]

Excelsior College Student Exudes Optimism Despite ALS

In January 2013, Excelsior Life featured Ron Miller, an Excelsior College student teaching the meaning of drive, determination and never giving up... [read more]

Excelsior College Ranked Top School for Liberal Arts Majors in Terms of Earnings

A new report released this week from PayScale, a provider of compensation data and software, lists the top schools for each college... [read more]

A Customizable Master’s Degree Opens Doors for Students Passions and Interests

A customizable master’s degree program at Excelsior College is one tailored to fit the academic and personal needs of adult students. A... [read more]