Distance EDU on Demand: Dr. Murray Block on 66 Years of Higher Education Innovation

Dr. Murray BlockDr. Murray Block, chief of staff at Excelsior College and a passionate advocate for lifelong learning since the start of his career in 1947, discusses opposition to community colleges in the 1950s and the parallels to contemporary higher education debate over distance learning.  

Listen to “66 Years of Higher Education Innovation”:

 1:12 Drawn to higher education following WWII service.

2:57 The history of community colleges in New York State.

5:37 Standing up to vocal opposition to community colleges in the 1950s.

7:20 “Democratizing” higher education.

8:30 “We won’t be able to take transfers from the good colleges either.”

12:47 Parallels to contemporary skepticism over distance education.

15:37 “The good fights in higher education are variations on a theme: tradition versus innovation.”

18:28 Reflecting on the journey.


Show Notes:

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